Misc Pictures from Mom’s collection.

The two young boys are my uncles Philip and Barrie.  Clark and Ann, my grandparents.  Grandma Ann is doing her hair and sucking her cheeks in to feel skinny.  When Mom’s family would come down from North Dakota to visit they would all stay with my parents.  I’m not too sure where they would all sleep, their house was not too large.


Sisters visiting Denver

Here are a few miscellaneous pictures from my mom’s slide collection.  The woman wearing the black coat is my mother’s sister.  She came out to Denver.  In the photos you can see Red Rocks Amphitheatre as is was in the late 1960s.  In some of the pictures she is standing up on Lookout Mountain with Golden, Colorado in the background along with North and South Table Mountain.  Priscilla stayed with my mom and dad in Denver and then went to work for the telephone company.  The guy in the picture, don’t know his name, was a guy she dated until she became a born again Christian.

The younger girl in the pictures, holding Jimmy, is Jamie.  Another one of my mom’s sisters.  They are standing outside 1229 Quivas St.  This is where they lived in Denver, Colorado at that point in time.

Jimmy’s First Birthday

The pictures below show my brother’s first birthday.  The pictures show his cake, the gifts he got and what his house was like when he turned one.  The older woman in green sitting in the rocking chair is Dad’s biological mother, Eunice.  Dad thought of Hattie Tennessee, who died when he was a teenager, as his real mother.  But he did have Eunice around some when they lived in Denver.

The rocking chair that Eunice is sitting in was the chair that Clark and Ann bought for Mom when Jimmy was born.  If I remember correctly she kept that for several years and even rocked me in it.

The coffee table that Jimmy’s cake is sitting on was made by my father.  Dad was always so practical and handy.  In the very first picture you can see Jimmy holding the MEN AT WORK sign and Mom’s wedding rings in the background.  Mom remembered that Jimmy really loved his little 4-wheeled bike.  Not too surprising given how well Jimmy took to bicycles and motorcycles.

When Jimmy turned one Mom got a job out in Cherry Creek.  They found themselves a babysitter and checked her out as well as they could back then but after two days of Jimmy being there he came home with bruises on his butt and the back of his legs.  Mom confronted the sitter and asked what happened and she said he might have fallen down the stairs.  Needless to say she got fired.  Years after the fact, Jimmy mentioned to me that Dad told Jimmy a couple times that he paid the sitter and her husband a visit and “rearranged” their furniture for them.  Knowing my dad’s temper that probably wasn’t too fun for them.

The next sitter they found was a good one, her name was Loraine.  She had four or five kids of her own and Jimmy really enjoyed staying with her during the day.  In addition to her own kids she watched a couple others besides just Jimmy.

You can see Jimmy playing in the cake.  Close to 40 years later I remember Jimmy letting his kids play in their one year old cakes.  Jimmy thought the messier his kids got with their first birthday cake the better.  🙂

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Jimmy as a toddler

Below is my brother Jimmy standing on the coffee table in the house they lived in around the time he was one.  In the background is their expensive, nice, first color TV.  Mom says they had it for years.

The painting of the ship hung up on the wall above the television was a paint by number craft that my mom and dad painted one winter when the lived in Fort Worth.

I wanted to post these two pictures of Jimmy separately in their own post because the next set of pictures I have are of him, his toys and his first birthday.

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Back in Colorado (Early to Mid 1968)

These pictures were taken in Colorado and around in Denver.  The guy with the blond hair in the picture next to the old mining structure is Fred P.  He was married to my Aunt Denise for a time.  The other guy was probably a Bruder guy (family friend) from North Dakota.

The two people standing with the view behind them are Denise and Fred P.  They are standing at Anne Evans Overlook near Central City.

The young boy in the highchair and in the tub is my older brother Jimmy.  The pictures of him were taken in the house they rented on Quivas in Denver.  The landlord for them wasn’t so great at paying his bills and Mom said that collectors would show up every now and then and take their appliances.  One time mom went in to check on what Jimmy was doing in the bathroom and he had flipped over head first into the tub and his head was underwater while his feet were sticking straight up.  Lucky for him his momma was keeping an eye on him.  Jimmy loved to take baths when he was this age.  In the highchair Jimmy is eating spinach.  I guess he really liked it when he was young.  I liked it too when I was younger.  I don’t think too many moms give their kids spinach and the kids like it but we did.

The woman in white is Denise and her husband is the guy in blue.  They lived in Denver with Mom and Dad at this time so they visited often.

The picture of Mom sitting on the couch is one I like quite a bit.  She bought the couch for $60 at the Goodwill store.  She was able to get the lamps to match the couch so that made her pretty happy.  She kept plastic on the lamps for a long time to keep them looking nice.

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Cold Weather and Sleigh

This Sunday evening I am posting additional pictures from Mom and Dad’s slide collection.  This has been a slow going project but I am making progress here and there.  These were taken on their trip to Mohall, North Dakota in 1967.  It was a cold trip.  The temperature didn’t get above 0 F the entire time they were there.  This was the trip where dad went out to take some pictures and the temperature was around -15 F and all his exposed skin starting tingling in a fashion he wasn’t accustomed to being from Texas.  My mom and her siblings told him that wasn’t too bright because it gets cold enough in North Dakota to be dangerous.

In these pictures you get to see Grandpa Clark’s sleigh.  I was told by my parents that it wasn’t unusual for Clark to take all the kids out on the large sleigh around the farm.  My dad talked to me about this several times.  He thought the sleigh, horses, Clark and the weather were all interesting.

There are various pictures included of outside the farm.  Clark’s cows, kids on a toboggan and a snowmobile.  You can also see the snow was plowed away in some sections.  Mom said Clark did this with the tractor.  Dad said the big horses had no problem pulling 20 people on a sleigh through large buildups of snow.

One of the pictures in this set showed a photo of one of the horses going number two.  You can thank me for not including it.  I can only assume that my dad was pretty proud of himself for the great timing he had on that photograph.

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Christmas 1967 on the Farm in Mohall, North Dakota

I have five DVDs of my mom narrating her slides.  The fourth one’s VOB file wasn’t as easy to get as the others.  So for now, I will skip DVD 4.  Then, when I am finished with the last set of pictures I will watch that DVD on my TV and write what is needed.

The entire family visited that year.  They all drove in to have Christmas.  Jimmy was born in February of 1967.  He is the little boy in these pictures with the brown hair.

My brother Jimmy and some info about his racing career.

This post is probably the first post that has very much information regarding my brother Jimmy.  These pictures are also part of the collection of slides that my mom kept in the basement.  All of these pictures were taken around Denver, Colorado back in the mid 1980s.  My brother Jimmy was an outstanding motorcycle rider.  He became a professional racer and in 1987 he was Colorado’s number one rider for Honda.  He got all his gear and his motorcycles for free.  I remember going with him and my dad to Fay Myers in Denver often to look at bikes and gear.

Jimmy raced in the Colorado circuit mostly but he also raced in California for one season.  The California circuit was very difficult and tested his limits.  He raced the California circuit one winter.  That following summer he came back out to Colorado and started racing.  Midway through the season, I believe the year was 1987, Jimmy crashed at the track in Berthoud, Colorado.  He was going down hill with the throttle wide open going around 55 to 60 mph and went over the handle bars.  He broke his left femur into three large sections.  An ambulance picked him up and took him to the hospital in Loveland.  His blood pressure dropped significantly on the way to the hospital.  This accident ended his racing career.

In order to heal from this accident the doctors gave him two options.  1st, he could go into traction and stay in the hospital bed for 6 months straight without ever being able to get up or 2nd, he could go into surgery and have a large stainless steel rod placed inside his femur.  He opted for the 2nd option and went into surgery.  The doctors had tremendous difficulty getting the rod into place but they eventually got it.  There were three times after that accident that his health was dire.  Once was in the ambulance on his way to the hospital, the other two times were after the surgery was completed.  He never walked quite the same after that accident, he kept the rod that was put in his leg the rest of his life as well.

Jimmy’s lifespan was from February 1967 to October 2008.  There will be a lot more information that will be typed up and entered into this blog about him in the future.  Stay tuned.

Mom and Dad’s Slides

Below are several pictures from Mom and Dad’s collection.  I will go back and add captions to the gallery below.  I am doing several pictures for this post because there were several in a row that kind of jumped around.  Some pictures in Oklahoma, some pictures in Texas.  Also, the folks appearing in the pictures were a bit random as well.  There are a few good pictures and as I have said before these family slides tell a story about my mom and dad’s life.  Maybe I am not the greatest story teller but for those few folks that do visit here that want learn about their ancestors, my blog is packed with a lot of information.

In closing I will just mention that I plan to add captions tomorrow or later this week.  Until then I better get my beauty sleep.

Lastly, it appears all these pictures were taken in 1966.

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This is a much better picture of the Queen’s Throne room in Cave Without a Name. My dad always loved exploring caves. I have pictures of him in caves in his late teens or early 20s exploring caves on this blog. I was also lucky enough to get to go in quite a few with him while I was a teenager. Very fond memories! 🙂

Slides taken in Texas from Mom and Dad

The two pictures with the tree in back of them were taken at 397 NW Newton Dr in Burleson, Texas.  Mom mentioned the tree in the background of the pictures and said you can see that it is larger than it was when they took pictures in the yard in previous year’s visits.  Delbert and his wife Lit lived in this house for decades.  When I was a kid, I remember visiting this house and going over to Jerry Wayne and Janna Lynne’s house just around the corner.

The third picture with Gerald and my dad was taken at Gerald’s house.  Mom remembered Gerald’s address being 1201 De Ridder Street in Fort Worth, Texas.  Gerald was a truck driver his entire life.  If I remember correctly, Gerald died in spring 2002 and my dad died later on that same fall.

I was pretty amazed with Mom’s memory with some of these addresses.  Quite the memory.

Lastly, as far as I can tell from what Mom said in the DVDs we made, these pictures were taken in 1965.