Colton Turns 2 Today

My little boy Colton turned two today.  Poor guy isn’t having the greatest birthday though.  He is getting his molars.  Maybe he is battling something else as well like a cold or ear ache.  Not sure.  He is feeling bad enough that we are alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol.

It is difficult to believe he has already been around two years.  It also means I’ve had my new job for two years.  It is strange how a few months after you have a baby you can’t imagine them not being part of your family and it also feels like they’ve been part of the family forever.

We will give him his gifts later today.  He and I ditched church since he was not feeling well.  I bet he’ll really like his gifts.

I’m in a posting mood today so I’m going to follow up with a quick post about my brother Jimmy.


Our little Colton

His mommy finally got a picture of him smiling when he was 7.5 weeks old.  I thought it was very cute.  He is starting to get really chubby and his little personality is starting to show sometimes.  I can’t believe we have been blessed with four healthy, intelligent little children.  We are truly blessed.


Our little Colton giving us a smile.

Our little Colton giving us a smile.

More pictures of our Baby Colton

Baby Colton is a month old now.  Christen took some of these pictures on his one month birthday over the weekend.  He is becoming so alert.  Over the weekend we ventured out for our first time as a family.  We went over to the Phillips Park Zoo.  Caity loved it while the boys did a bit of complaining.  Of course the older boys enjoyed it after we got there and they started looking at the snakes, turtles etc.

For our first venture out of the house as a family we did make the mistake that we forgot to get a group picture and also forgot to take any pictures of the kids except Cait.

All the pictures in this post of her outside were taken at the Phillips Park Zoo here in Chicagoland over in Aurora.


And keep on keeping on, folks.

Baby Colton’s first couple days in this world.

I wanted to post some pictures of Colton.  Our fourth and last child.  He is so perfect and small.  He has now been home for about two weeks.  Everybody loves him so much already.  Below are some pictures of those first couple of days.  This is when Colton was still in the hospital and then just a few hours after he got home for the first time.  I was watching Caity from home, Grandma was here but spending most of her time at the hospital helping Christen.  It is difficult to believe we have done this yet again.


Interesting and nice time in my life right now.

Baby Colton is a week and one day old now.  I am leaving my job of four years.  My last day is Wednesday.  I have a job with a much larger company in Chicago.  A good job that should further sharpen my engineering skills.  I am happy the baby is here, happy the baby is so mild mannered, thankful Christen’s mom is here to help, happy I have a new job, but still a bit nervous about all the change.

Luckily, I am leaving my old company on very good terms.  Both the CEO and his primary manager have told me that I am welcome back anytime.  This makes me pretty happy because I always wonder about new jobs.  Will I like it?  Will I hate it?  Will the people like me?  Will the people irritate me?  Will it take me to the next level in my engineering career?  Or will I realize that the grass is always greener on the other side?

So much is going on but the new baby is fitting in just fine.  He had a bit of jaundice so they monitored his levels the first few days.  With jaundice sunshine can really help.  Thankfully, the sun finally started to shine here in Chicagoland, after the winter from hell, so we were able to let him get some UV.  Not much though because it was still pretty cold.  His levels moved to where they should be and he is eating a lot and becoming more alert.  Baby Colton is the change that is important.  The job is just something I have to have.

Lastly, I will certainly miss my friends at the old company.  I sure did like some of those guys.

I should probably go to bed soon.  The older boys and I have a fishing derby we would like to win tomorrow morning.  We will be trying to catch trout.

Thank goodness winter is over.



Colton’s first day in this world.

This is a log of key events for Colton’s arrival.  He is our fourth child.  He will be born in Bolingbrook, IL.  We arrived at the hospital today (April 3, 2014).

  • Christen was measured at 4.5cm at around 3:15pm.  Her doctor told her to go to the hospital.  Her doc says that she will have the baby tonight or maybe even early in the morning.

  • About 3:40pm.  Christen’s mom, Cindy, calls my cell phone and tells me that she is landing in Chicago tonight.  She wasn’t suppose to get here until late Tuesday.

  • About 4:00pm, we make arrangements for Kirsten to watch the kids until Christen’s mom gets to the house this evening.  We are guessing that she will be in Plainfield from Florida at 11:30pm.  Kirsten is the kid’s sitter from our old house.

  • Got to the hospital at about 5:00pm.

  • At 5:51pm she is all hooked up to equipment.  The nurses are measuring her temperature etc.

  • At 5:55pm.  She is 5cm.  And the nurse says she is bulging and that this could go really fast if the water breaks.

  • About 6:00pm.  She was given meds that might make her sleepy but the nurse says it will take the edge off the pain.

  • Pitocin started at a low dose.  Around 6:05pm.

  • At 6:20pm.  Christen is napping and listening to her iPod.  I am just kicking back, drinking coffee and typing this up.

  • At 7:00pm.  Nurse measured and says she is 9cm.  She is going to call Christen’s doctor.  We weren’t expecting this.

  • At 7:10pm.  Nurse is turning lamp on to warm baby Colton up after he comes out.

  • At 7:19pm.  Christen feels the need to push.  The doctor isn’t there yet.

  • At 7:27pm.  The doctor arrives and tells Christen she can push but she was in between contractions.  The doctor breaks her water right after she got her blue gloves on.

  • At 7:28pm.  The doctor said Christen could push and she did.  Colton came out on the first push.

  • 9:00 to 9:45pm.  Held the baby.  Christen nursed him.  Texted Cindy to just go to the hospital rather than to our house.

  • About 10:40pm.  I left the hospital to let Kirsten go home.  We texted Christen’s mom to just go to the hospital.

  • About 11:45pm.  Caitlyn woke up crying for Mommy.  I showed her a video of baby Colton on my phone.  She smiled really big and went right back to sleep.

April 4, 2014

  • Next day at 7:45am.  I showed Cody and Chase the video of Colton.  Chase grinned really big.  Cody smiled too but was a bit sidetracked with Zelda.  Then I took them both to school at around 8:45am.

  • At 12:30pm.  Chase and Cait got to go to the hospital to meet baby Colton for the first time.

  • At about 4:00pm.  Cody got to meet Colton.  From Cody’s school to the hospital we stopped at Walgreen’s and got him some pacifiers.  He really liked them.  He looked just like Chase and a lot like Cody when he sucked on his binky.

  • By about 6:00pm.  Baby Colton had pooped 6 times.

  • 7:30pm.  Now I am home with oldest three.  Baby Colton should be able to come home in the morning.

And this concludes my summary of Colton’s first full day in this world.  


Caleb  🙂