About Me

Welcome to my blog.  I am an engineer with a couple of physics degrees, a father with three children, and a husband.  I am into my hobbies and my family.  I also enjoy my career as an engineer that specializes in thin films.  My work with thin films started back in graduate school making and testing superconducting materials.  Now I am more into processes and technologies that are used to fabricate high technology thin film electronic devices.  I could go all day about thin films but I will hold off for now.  This blog isn’t so much about my career but I might throw some career related info into it sometimes.

So what is this blog about?  This blog is about me, my family, my hobbies, my thoughts and my journey through life.  There is also quite a bit of family history on my blog.  Over time, I hope to put a tremendous amount of content regarding my ancestors, with most of the focus on my parents.  I will be breaking a few of the “rules” as I create this blog.  Many folks say that a blog should be focused and specific to gather a large number of readers.  In this particular case I don’t really care how many people visit.  It doesn’t bother me that my blog and most of the posts on it will never be useful to anyone.  In fact, I prefer my blog to be a bit different.  If my blog is a little off the beaten path then it shares some similarities with me.  Just to give a hint of how unfocused I see this blog being I plan on talking about fatherhood, work, life, books, movies, feelings, news, maybe some politics, sports, physics, science, archeology, family history and blah-blah-blah.

So, if you read this far, more likely than not you won’t read anything else on my blog.  If you, by chance, do want to read more then have at it.  Before I close I should also add that I was born and raised in Morrison, Colorado.  I currently live in Plainfield, IL.  And my Twitter and Facebook pages are here and here.

To conclude, have a happy time reading and don’t forget to live, laugh and love.



caleb playing golf

Here is a picture of me playing some golf. This was taken earlier this year (2012) in Chicagoland. I don’t play golf too often, I prefer fishing. But, I like this photo of me standing next to some water.


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