I haven’t posted anything to my blog in a long time. I need to change that. I will restart my posting by just this quick post. As in previous years I will post a top list for 2016. Hopefully later this week I will post some more.

  • Getting to experience Disney World with my family.
  • Learning from Yale during my commute to work. Two highlights were courses on global population and epidemic history in Europe. Learning some Ben Graham investment strategies was nice too.
  • Spending time at home and around Plainfield, examples are drinking copious amounts of coffee, visiting the the dog park, catching toads and fishing some of the ponds around here.
  • Learning that my family is there to support me when the going gets rough and that we can really cut back on our budget when we need to.
  • Watching TV shows with wife and two oldest. Walking Dead and Lost.
  • Giving Colton, Chase and Cody haircuts. Discovering Aldi’s.
  • Changing out the alternator on the Honda for $72.
  • Being able to spend more time with Christen.
  • Getting enough sleep after leaving work in September.
  • Splitting wood and prepping fireplace.
  • I haven’t forgotten which day of the week it is in many years. Yet in the last four months I have forgotten a few times.

Happy New Year. Happy posting!


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