Tonight I am posting more pictures of my brother Jimmy.  He loved the outdoors, he loved hunting and fishing.  The two fishing pictures were taken of him up in Wyoming at Lake Seminoe.  This is a large lake with hardly anyone that ever uses it.  At least that is the way it was back in the 1980s.  There were several trips where Dad and Jimmy drove up there to hunt, fish and explore.  In the 1980s, you could stay up there for several days in your camp and not see a single person.

One time Dad and Jimmy went up to go hunting for coyote.  They found a spot to hunt in the middle of the night.  They did their rabbit calls and an owl swooped down on them and scared them really bad.  LOL, they didn’t get any coyotes that trip but they did get a good story to tell us when they got back home.

This is also the place where Dad took his 14 sticks of dynamite.  Not a single soul for miles and miles to hear the blasts.  Dad would also take Jimmy and his other teenage buddies up there to shoot, fish and raft.  At one point they found an eagle nest while rafting along with a bank of the river that had a lot of quartz.  The downside of this place is that the wind blows much of the day for most of the year.  Even with the wind, Dad loved it.

The last two pictures show me standing with Jimmy in the mountains up above Glenwood Springs, Colorado.  We were hunting deer.  Mostly we hunted on either side up above Glenwood Canyon.  The Flat Tops are beautiful any time of year but in the fall they are just breath taking.  At the time these pictures were taken Jimmy had the orange Bronco.  He had an 8,000 lb winch on it and even in the snow and the mud there wasn’t a trail we couldn’t try.  As long as we could see a nice tree within 100 yards of the trail we knew we had a back up way to get ourselves back to civilization.  During the days we would hunt above Glenwood and at night we would stay at the condo my dad owned in west Glenwood.  I was 14 when we would go up hunting.  These were good trips with my dad and brother.  Later on we started having large groups of people go up hunting and we would stay at a camp with a large tent my dad had.  These were great trips as well but not the same as the trips with just the three of us.  Those were the best.

It would be good for me to go over these posts a second time and do some editing just to make the reading easier.  For now though, it is what it is.  I just want to preserve my memories for me to look back upon long down the road.  Or for others that might want to know what our lives were like.

Until next time, keep on keeping on.


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