The pictures below show my brother and sister and their friend Kevin.  This was taken at our house in Morrison.  I’m not sure I was around when this picture was taken.  I was born when my brother was 10 and my sister was 7.

Looking at these old pictures brings back a lot of memories.  Our chain link fence was and wooden fence had been installed.  The wooden fence looks brand new.  My first memories of that fence it had aged some and didn’t have the “new wood” look.  That fence was installed because the legal system threatened to throw my mom in jail because the family dog, Rags, was causing mischief in the neighborhood.  At that time it was probably a big expense for my parents.

The cul-de-sac is behind them along with the park we got to play in all growing up.  Back when this picture was taken, there was a small stream that flowed through the park.  There were trout in the stream.  They weren’t large, maybe 8 inches long.  Dad really liked the fact that there were trout in the stream just behind his house.

I’ll get back to the pictures and finish up this post.  I’m guessing these were taken in 1975.  Jimmy certainly has a 1970s era hairdo.  Jimmy and Kevin were good friends all the way through their teenage years.  Since we were so close to the Rockies they used to ride their bikes over to the hogback.  They had a fort there that they hung out at.  Kevin ended up in the military and spent a lot of time overseas in Korea.  I remember him coming back to visit my brother once when he was 20 years old.  Then I think they finally parted ways.  They also took advantage of the snow we got along the Front Range and did quite a bit of inner-tubing off the hills.  I am sure they had their fair share of mischief that only the two of them ever knew about as well.

That will be all for tonight.  Keep on keeping on folks.



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