Colton Turns 2 Today

My little boy Colton turned two today.  Poor guy isn’t having the greatest birthday though.  He is getting his molars.  Maybe he is battling something else as well like a cold or ear ache.  Not sure.  He is feeling bad enough that we are alternating ibuprofen and Tylenol.

It is difficult to believe he has already been around two years.  It also means I’ve had my new job for two years.  It is strange how a few months after you have a baby you can’t imagine them not being part of your family and it also feels like they’ve been part of the family forever.

We will give him his gifts later today.  He and I ditched church since he was not feeling well.  I bet he’ll really like his gifts.

I’m in a posting mood today so I’m going to follow up with a quick post about my brother Jimmy.


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