4th of July, 2015

It was a good day today.  Cody and Chase let off a lot of firecrackers and we also got to try out the fire-pit that Christen got for me for Father’s Day.  Last time we drove through Indiana I got a lot of fireworks, mostly firecrackers.  We are now starting to run out and we will probably use up the remaining firecrackers next July.  But we have been lighting them off since 2013 so we definitely got our use out of them.

Caitlyn wasn’t too fond of the louder fireworks but she was happy after I put some earplugs in here ears.  Christen and I both got a kick out of how loud she talked when she had her ear plugs in.

As the day went on, I felt better and better.  Yesterday, Cait and I were both tested positive for strep.  I hate strep.  At least I have been able to make it a few years since the last time I had it.  I am also hoping that the first round of amoxicillin is enough to kill the strep.  Oftentimes when I have strep, it takes two rounds of meds.  Yuck!  Chase was the first one to get strep.  He just finished 10 days of meds about the same time that Cait and I were coming down with it.

That is all for tonight.  Folks are still setting off fireworks outside.  They are starting to slow down though.  Until next time.


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