Picture of Clark Kelly with his siblings (1928).

In the family history group on Facebook, Kathleen K. posted a picture of Clark Kelly that I had never seen before.  I saved the picture so as to add it to my collection.  I also uploaded it here to this blog.  I don’t know much about the picture.  Just the few details that were posted to Facebook.

April 1928, from left to right: Vivian, Clark, Edna, Lawrence.  The top of the picture has written “C. M. Kelly Family April 1928.”  I only know because I asked Kathleen Kelly after she posted it.

Clark was born in 1905.  So this means he was about 23 for this picture.

Clark was my grandfather on my mother’s side.  The other folks in the picture are his siblings.  Their father Clyde died about nine years before this.  Caroline Nixon Kelly isn’t in the photograph but was their mother.

Happy posting folks!  Enjoy your weekend…

April 1928 Vivian Clark Edna Lawrence --left to right--


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