Our fourth baby will be here soon and remembering how our little girl came into the world.

My wife is going to be having our fourth and last baby by April 11, 2014.  If the baby isn’t here by then the doctor will induce the labor.  While we talked about what is going to be happening in our near future we also remembered Caitlyn’s birth.  Part of planning is remembering what we had to do last time.  I remembered that I had typed in real-time what was going on for her and the baby.  Below, in italics, is what I typed up for our little princess’s birth.  It was cute for us to read this tonight and remember the experience.  We are both hoping that baby Colton will come into the world as easily as Caitlyn did.  Maybe it wasn’t any easier with Cait it is just that Christen and I are getting older and wiser.  Whatever it is, we hope and pray it is a calm, healthy and peaceful delivery.

9:00pm (2/12/12)
We arrive at the hospital and wheel Christen up to the room that Caitlyn will be born in.

3:25am (2/13/12)
Christen is numb but can still feel on her left side. Her stomach looks all lopsided from the baby being crooked. The nurse isn’t concerned about that. Right now the nurse is prepping for when the baby comes out. Setting up the heat lamp and table. Verifying gas flow (oxygen I assume). We kind of think that her water has broken, and she is about 8cm dilated. I have a large pot of coffee to drink.

3:33am (2/13/12)
Another nurse is bringing in more equipment for the baby. This feels like it is getting closer. It is very quiet in the room.

3:38am (2/13/12)
I can see the baby’s butt sticking out through Christen’s stomach. Her butt is sticking way out to Christen’s left.

3:39am (2/13/12)
Nurse pushed the baby back into the middle of the stomach.

3:44am (2/13/12)
Give Christen more chapstick.

3:47am (2/13/12)
Christen’s water just broke for sure. This is the first time a doctor didn’t have to break her water. She said it sounded like a water balloon popping inside her.

3:50am (2/13/12)
Christen has a contraction and feels the need to push.

3:52am (2/13/12)
Doctor arrives and stops in to say hi. She better hurry…

4:01am (2/13/12)
Baby arrives and it really is a girl.

4:02am (2/13/12)
Mommy holds her for the first time and the baby pees all over Mommy.

4:05am to 4:20am (2/13/12)
Baby is under the heat lamp and gets shots and her foot prints copied.

4:20am (2/13/12)
Baby is pretty clean and given to Mommy to hold. She is wrapped in a blankie.

4:22am (2/13/12)
Baby nurses for first time on Mommy.

4:27am (2/13/12)
Daddy held her for the first time.

About 7:00am (2/13/12)
Daddy leaves so that Grandma Cindy can come to the hospital to see Caitlyn. Daddy sleeps on the couch and tells Cody and Chase about Caitlyn being born.

10:00am (2/13/12)
Daddy wakes up, gets some coffee and shows Cody and Chase some videos of their new sister. Chase smiles and Cody gets big tears in his eyes watching his little sister.


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