James Wellington Kelly. One of my great, great, great grandpas.

Below is a photograph of the furthest back ancestor in this collection. His name is James Wellington Kelly.

The back of the picture says (Father of Cordelia Kelly And –> Larbia). [sic]

Eunie G was able to tell me some stuff about this guy:
“Larbia took care of James Wellington Kelly. He left her extra money in his will for helping out with the family. His wife passed away young and he never married again. He lived in Iowa.”

I checked my dad’s family tree file to see what it had to say about this guy. Here is what it has for him:
Born 2/14/1819 in Orange City, Indiana.
Married 12/25/1844 in Cole City, Illinois.
Died 3/4/1904 at his home near Plainfield, Iowa. He is buried in Spring Lake Cemetery.

It is very strange to think that a picture of my great, great, great grandfather still exists today. He was born almost 200 years ago. When Thomas Jefferson died this guy was 7 years old. He was 46 when Lincoln was assassinated. He saw a lot of interesting American history.



James Wellington Kelly.

James Wellington Kelly.


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