Caity P, cruising around outside

Our little daughter, Caity Patricia, started walking at around 11 months old.  Now she is over 13 months and the weather is starting to get nicer outside.  In fact, yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far here in Plainfield, IL.  Unfortunately for us, a nasty bug is working its way through all of us.  I started feeling sick this morning.  But yesterday I was feeling really great and Cait was starting to perk up too so I took her outside and let her walk around some.  Cody played basketball with his friends and I videoed Caity (Patricia Piggensworth) while she walked around our street here in Plainfield.  Her and Poochie cruised around.  Last night I uploaded the three short video clips to Youtube.  Good times.  So, since I haven’t posted to my blog in a few days I decided to make a post regarding our little daughter enjoying a nice spring day.


I also tried using Youtube’s auto-steadying feature that somehow corrects for shaky videos.  It worked pretty well.  I was impressed.


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