Mom and Dad ( a couple more pictures)

The picture with both my parents was taken back in the 1980s.  They were standing in the living room of their house in Morrison, Colorado.  I still have the painting hanging behind them.  In fact, I can see the painting right now.  I don’t know the story as to how they acquired it.  You can see the little picture of Reagan in the bottom right.  His picture is partially covering the television.  Just behind Dad is some old electronic panel he put into the house.  When the house was being built, Dad put a speaker in each room’s ceiling and an intercom next to each door in every room.  Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s my dad worked as an electrician.  So he was more than happy to wire up miles worth of cable etc when the house was being constructed.

The next picture was also taken at their house in Morrison.  This is a pretty good view of the street I grew up on.  Once or twice per year we would get a fair amount of snow at our house.  After a big snow, Dad and Jimmy would always shovel the snow over there into a large mountain.  Myself being the youngest, I thought these mountains of snow were huge.  The mountain also sat on the north side of the house so often times, the mountain would grow larger and icier as the winter progressed.  I would dig tunnels and sled down these mountains out to the street.  These mountains were always fun.  Somewhere I might be able to find some pictures from the blizzard of 1982.  This was a huge blizzard.  I remember walking up to the six foot fence in our backyard as a six year old and stepping over it due to the high snow drifts.  This picture, however, was just a standard Denver region snowstorm.  I am guessing this picture was taken around 1990 to 1992.  You can see my first pickup truck back in the background as well.  The yellowish, brown one back in the back covered in snow.  That ugly, old truck was my first ride and I loved it.  🙂  You can also see some of Dad’s tattoos.  He got all of these when he was young and wild.  I am assuming most of them came from when he was in the 101st Airborne.

Thanks for reading folks.  Enjoy your weekend.

Note to self, post some pictures if I ever find them from the blizzards of 82 and 83 in Denver.  😉


copy of Mom and Dad scan Blissett Scans 010


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