A couple of old pictures of my dad

Based on what I know about my dad’s life I would say these pictures were taken in the early to mid 1960s.  My best guess is 1962 or 1963.  These must have been taken after he finished electronics school.  He got an equivalent of an associates degree.  It was some special program however that let him take classes for several hours a day and get the degree in just a few months.  He was pretty proud of his knowledge in electronics and electricity.  He didn’t talk to me about it often but on a couple of occasions he did let me know that he was glad that he had some mastery of things like current and voltage and basic circuitry.

This company must have been in Denver.  It was called Executone.  The building number was 2929.  They did communication systems.  Don’t ask me what that meant for that period in the 1960s.  Looks like they had a total of three trucks and six service guys.  A few years back, I did Google this company but didn’t come up with much.  It might be worth a try now.  I would like to know where in Denver this company was or if it might have even been in Texas.

In the picture with the old Chevy Greenbrier vans, Dad is on the far right.  In the other picture he is on the left.

I never saw these pictures until after Mom and Dad were gone.  Kelly, Jimmy and I found them when we were cleaning out Mom’s house in 2008.  I am sending them to my sister Tammy in Texas.  I think she would like them a lot.


dad at work in the early 1960s 2 dad at work in the early 1960s 1


7 thoughts on “A couple of old pictures of my dad

  1. Hello. I can give you some information. My Dad owned the Executone dealership in Cincinnati from 1960 through 1979, when he passed away. I started with the company in 1984, and still work for the company as is currently exists after a string of mergers and aquisitions. Executone was a leading manufacturer of Intercom, Nurse Call, and Public Address systems; adding Telephone Interconnect Systems in the 1970’s. There were independant distributors in cities througout the US, although I don’t have any specifics on Denver or Texas distributors. During the time frame pictured, your Dad likely worked in many Hospitals, as Executone was the first company to put voice and signal lights on the same patient to nurse system, and had well over 90% of the Healthcare facility market. He also would have spent time in factories and warehouses working on Sound Systems, and many types of offices and retail facilities, as early telephone systems did not have built in intercom capabilities. As a technician, he would probably have had ‘on-call’ duty where he would have been available for a repair call at any hour of the day or night, mainly going to hospitals in the middle of the night. He would have has sharp troubleshooting skills, as this gear had alot of relays and switches, along with solid state electronics of the time. If you google Executone Intercom images you will get a better idea of the gear he would have been installing and repairing. As a manufacturer, Executone was bought by InterTel in 2000, and ceased to exist as a beand name. For what it’s worth, your Dad would have been there for the best period of the company, 60’s-80’s.

    • Thanks for the awesome comment! This may explain the intercom system that he put into the house that I grew up in. Not to mention he installed a radio in the kitchen that had a speaker in the ceiling of every room in the house. My room was in the basement after I turned about 12 and remember my mom calling me to come upstairs for dinner.

      When he was in electronics school he did get some training on transistors but said they were just starting to be used. I don’t know how much he knew about these though. Like I don’t know if he knew anything about the p-n junction etc.

      I did Google old Executon Intercom images and found some cool looking old devices. And yes, when it came to electical or even mechanical systems he was very good at troubleshooting. Once he took me out to a place he worked and I watched him install software on some old computer driven fire system using standard audio cassette tapes.

      Thank you so much for the additional background on the pictures. I like the pictures and also the old trucks they drove. So much character in those old cars. 🙂

  2. The fire system was some other company. Like Howard Electric or something.

    I also just noticed tonight that the guy my dad is standing next to in the vans photo is his good friend Jack B. My dad and this guy were friends for most of their adult lives. Once, Jack even came out to Bandimere Speedway to watch a guy race a motorcyle that my dad sponsored in 1998 or 1999. Jack has since passed.

    Oh the good old memories.

  3. With your permission, I’d like to post the picture of the fleet on a Executone of Cincinnati facebook page that the ‘alumni’ uses.
    About this same time as this picture, my Dad’s fleet consisted of 1 Dodge a100 van, but before he passed on, he guided the company to grow pretty well, and had 7 trucks by 1978. I also noticed, by magnifying the picture, the license plate on the Cadillac to the right is Colorado, 1970. If I run across any of the old-timers, I’ll see if I can find any more information about this company.

    • Sounds good to me and nice thinking with zooming in on the plate. So this was in Colorado and it was taken later than I thought. And yes, you can repost the pictures on the Facebook page.

      Thanks for the info!

  4. I’m looking for a repair manual for an executone cc740AHD nurse call system. Any chance you have one?
    PS. Your dad probably knew this system inside and out….

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