One of my favorite pictures of my son with my mom

My mom got to spend a lot of time with my oldest son, Cody.  He absolutely loved going to grandma’s house and playing with her, playing in the backyard and playing with her dog.  She was always so sweet to all of her grandchildren.  She loved each one of them and had a special bond with each of them.  For a long time, Cody would sleep upstairs in her bed with her rather than in the basement with Christen and I when we would stay with her.  Then there was a time when Cody enjoyed sleeping on the floor in the room next to her’s with Poochie in the blankets with him.

I was going through Christen’s Facebook pictures and happened to see this picture of my mom with Cody.  They both look so cute together.  Looking at the picture and the stuff that is around my mom in it makes me miss her a lot.  I miss being able to go to her house to see her.  I can see the chair she is sitting in and remember what she looked like when she would sit in it with her coffee.  I see the figurines and decorations behind her chair and remember the little ways she like to keep her house just the way she liked it.  She kept her house so clean!  Anyway, I saw this picture and thought I would make a post about it.  Cody loved his grandma.  He would have loved his grandpa also.  In fact, my dad already had a nickname for Cody.  He called him Little C when Christen was pregnant with him.

So this pretty much sums up this post.  See the picture below.  It is one of my favorite pictures that I have of my mom with my oldest son Cody.  Warm memories.  🙂

This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom with Cody. This was taken at her house in Morrison, Colorado.  This picture must have been taken around his first birthday.  So around Christmas 2003.


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