Our weekend in Michigan with the neighbors

This last weekend we all went up to Michigan with our neighbours here in Plainfield.  We all stayed in one house.  There were 10 kids and 8 parents there.  The first night we had three tents set up.  I slept in one by myself.  I thought Chase and Cody would certainly want to sleep in the tent mostly because kids usually really love the adventure of sleeping in tents.  But, Cody preferred to be with his friends and somehow Christen ended up with Chase.  I don’t think I fell asleep until about 3:00am but somehow managed to wake up to fish.  I caught so many largemouth that I lost count.  One of the bass looked different from the rest and I was pretty sure it was a smallmouth.  It might have something different than that though.  I also brought in three catfish off the bottom.  It was fun.  I caught so many fish that my hands were soar from taking the hooks out.  I made sure that I got plenty of fishing in since I spent money on a 72 hour Michigan fishing license.  The catfish were bullheads, but they were nice fat ones.  Much larger than the bullheads I catch here in Plainfield.  I was hoping for a large channel cat but that wasn’t in the cards.

I think all the neighbours had a great time.  I have even heard some talk about doing something similar again next year.  That would be nice.  I really enjoyed getting to know the neighbours better.  I like them all quite a bit.  It is also good to know your kid’s friend’s parents that way you know what kind of house the kids are coming from.

Here are some of the pictures that I took while we were there.  I am also going to post one video that I uploaded to Youtube of Chase swimming in the lake.  So, enough typing, it is time for the pictures and videos.

This is Cody and Chase swimming in the lake that we stayed at in Sister Lakes, Michigan. We stayed at a house with a bunch of our neighbours. It was fun!

This is Silver Beach up in Michigan. This beach is on Lake Michigan. Whenever we go to one of the Great Lakes, I am always impressed with how vast and huge they are. This was a pretty fun beach, and nice and clean.

This is Christen, Cait and two of her neighbour friends and their kids. At the house, there were 8 adults and 10 kids. The first night, we set up three tents and I slept outside. No pillow, no pad. I still managed to wake up for fishing when the sun rose.

Chase used his life vest in the lake. He absolutely loved swimming in the water. We were always right there watching him and he wasn’t allowed to go past a certain point in the lake. It was so cute watching him. I did most of my fishing off the pier just to the left of him. Good times.

Chase loved the waves in Lake Michigan. He splashed and splashed and ran around in the water. He was so happy! Warms my heart to look at this picture.

This is Cody, Chase and some of their neighbour friends that went to the lake in Michigan with us. Cait isn’t in this picture and one of the girls had already left. Cody and Chase really love the street they live on.

This was early in the morning when I woke up to fish. The largemouth were hitting off the surface. It was pretty fun. It is pretty fun to wake up when the sun comes up to fish.

Another photo of Chase in Lake Michigan. We need to make weekend trips more often. They are fun, for sure!

A nice view of the lake we stayed on in Michigan. It was fun and pleasant. Both nights we made a nice campfire and sat around it and talked. The neighbours were pretty funny too. They had some great one-liners.

I took this picture of Cody to let him know what he looked like when he was tired. He didn’t believe me that I could tell just by looking at him that he was tired. Also, he was half irritated with me for even taking his picture. He played so hard with his friends and got far less sleep than he normally does. He was tired, tired, tired.

Chase caught this largemouth over the weekend. He was so happy about it. He really loves fishing with his dad. He has a fishing pole that is a stick, a string and a hook. Pretty simple but here in our neighbourhood, he has caught around 30 to 40 bluegill with it. He was scared to hold it but he did tell me that this was by far the biggest fish he had ever caught. 🙂

The kids had little nets and they hunted for minnows and other little animals swimming in the lake right next to the house. They all had a really great time.

One last picture of the lake. I really like the forests and trees up in Michigan. It is prettier than you would think.

Happy posting to all!




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