Scanning some old pictures of my dad for future blog posts

I dug through some of the photographs that belonged to my mom and dad and was able to find the album that had all the pictures in it from when my dad was in the army.  I plan to scan every photograph in the album and then I will order some prints.  The plan is that I will send the originals to my two sisters, one lives in Kentucky and the other in the Rockies up above Denver and they can decide who gets what.  If they like, they can also get my scans so that they can order prints for whichever photographs they can’t make a decision on.  So, as I type away on this post, the old scanner is grinding away at these old photographs.  I also saw that there were several posts from when my dad was in the tuberculosis ward when he was a kid.  If my memory is correct, I think he was honorably discharged after he became ill.  Or maybe he was discharged after he started to get better.  Not too sure either way.  These pictures are certainly worthy of a nice post regarding his stay in the TB ward.  He told me a couple of stories about his stay there that are certainly worth putting into the blog.

For this batch of scans I am placing many on the scanner at the same time and then flipping the photographs over so that I can also scan the backs of them.  The backs of the pictures are not all that exciting but they do on occasion say the name of someone in one of the pictures.  Since I am giving the originals to the sisters, this seemed like a worth while thing to do.  Plus, not to mention, carrying around binary versions of my family history is much, much easier than carrying large macroscopic prints.

With that, I will close.  Glad Monday is over, already looking forward to Friday.




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