Mostly sunny tomorrow, partly cloudy tomorrow night…

So, as of a few hours ago, the data suggests that tomorrow will be mostly sunny and tomorrow night will be partly cloudy here in Chicagoland.  I will still stay up late with Cody and hope that the clouds break so we can see some fun meteor action.  Plus, I don’t want to pass up my first Saturday night with the new fire pit.  Tomorrow, if I remember, I am going to stock up on some yummy fire pit snacks.  Like marshmallows and maybe some hot-dogs for Cody.  I am trying hard lately to stick to the vegan diet.  Let me tell you, not easy sometimes.  We definitely live in a meat eater’s world.  But, the last three nights Christen did vegetarian for dinner for us.  Actually, she did more than just that because two of the three were vegan.  Now I am completely off topic.

Might as well stay off topic and mention that I am picking up a carpet shampooer from a store in Plainfield tomorrow.  I think we are keeping it for several hours and I want to go over a couple of rooms a few times.  Carpet sure doesn’t have an easy life in house with three kids under 10, two adults and a dog.

PS, my sister Kelly will be out here soon for her first visit since we moved to Chicago.

That is all for now.




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