Another Picture of Clark Kelly

In the family history group on Facebook, Kathleen K. posted a picture of Clark Kelly that I had never seen before.  I saved the picture so as to add it to my collection.  I also uploaded it here to this blog.  I don’t know much about the picture.  Just the few details that were posted to Facebook.

April 1928, from left to right: Vivian, Clark, Edna, Lawrence.  The top of the picture has written “C. M. Kelly Family April 1928.”  I only know because I asked Kathleen Kelly after she posted it.

Clark was born in 1905.  So this means he was about 23 for this picture.

Clark was my grandfather on my mother’s side.  The other folks in the picture are his siblings.  Their father Clyde died about nine years before this.  Caroline Nixon Kelly isn’t in the photograph but was their mother.

Happy posting folks!  Enjoy your weekend…

April 1928 Vivian Clark Edna Lawrence --left to right--

Floating Dupage with Cody, Chase, Caitlyn

I floated the Dupage River again today.  This time however, I floated it with Cody, Chase and Caitlyn.  There hasn’t been much rain for the last week.  I assumed the river would be lower but I was pretty surprised that we traveled about four times slower.  Thankfully, after Christen dropped us off to get into the river she checked to see how fast we were going.  I yelled to her as she walked on a trail next to the river to pick us up at the first bridge instead.  Had she not picked us up there it would have been way too long of a trip.  We were in the water for about two hours.

They all loved it and so did I.  Caity talked about the river for the rest of the day.  Cody and Chase fell off their tubes so many times we lost count.  When we first got in the water, Caity screamed with fear each time Cody and Chase fell in.  Luckily she figured out they were fine and there was no reason to worry.

Maybe we can float the Fox River before the weather gets too cold.  :-)

Mom working in the fish store, Dad’s new camera. (Slides she scanned)

Not much to say about these pictures.  Just take a look at them and read the captions.

A poem written by my 11 year old son, Cody

I Am

I am athletic and intelligent
I wonder when I’ll get my own book published some day
I hear the page bending and turning as if I’m eager to read more
I see a grand piano in my imaginative head
I want to read, write, play music, and video games
I am athletic and intelligent

I pretend to be a pianist performing for thousands of people
I feel my hands grab a pencil to draw something
I touch a pencil sitting on an empty sheet of paper
I worry someday the world will be polluted to were It Isn’t safe
I cry when I’m stressed
I am athletic and intelligent

I understand that life isn’t always fare
I say killing is wrong
I dream that there will be a peaceful planet
I try to be a better person
I hope I have a great time at Ira Jones
I am athletic and Intelligent

Floating the Dupage River

Today was the first day that I got to take one of the kids floating down the Dupage River.  We floated from 135th down to W Lockport St.  I wanted to take more of the kids but Cody said he wasn’t feeling very well and I didn’t want to have Caitlyn with me for the first trip.

We had a lot of fun.  It was just a float trip but it was very mellow and enjoyable.  Chase grinned ear to ear the entire time.  We saw a lot of turtles and a muskrat.  Chase accidentally tipped over his tube once and lost his shoes.  Luckily they floated.  The entire trip took about one hour.  The water was very high but that didn’t change it too much.  We have had heavy rains in the days leading up to today.

I will close for now and include a picture of what Chase and I looked like when we first embarked on our little adventure.  He looked super cute floating in his little tube.  :-)



Chase and I floating the Dupage River in Illinois.  Very fun day for us.  I think Chase will remember that adventure for years and years.

Chase and I floating the Dupage River in Illinois. Very fun day for us. I think Chase will remember that adventure for years and years.

Lincoln Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Air Show

Yesterday, we drove down from Plainfield to Chicago.  They were having the Chicago Air and Water Show.  The parking for the zoo closed.  In fact, after waiting for who knows how long, we were finally able to get up to the lot only to be the first vehicle told that the lot was full.  So, we started meandering through the streets of Lincoln Park.  At least we had interesting buildings, apartments and gardens to look at.  And don’t think it was a relaxing meander either.  We had our four kids in the van with us and they were starting to become restless.

We finally did find a parking spot on Armitage and Bissell.  We were way behind schedule, it was lunch time, so we then meandered again (this time of foot) toward the zoo.  As we walked we scouted out little places to eat.  We finally settled on Potbelly Sandwich Shop at 2264 N Lincoln Ave.  The restaurant seemed to represent many things I love about downtown Chicago.  It was unique, compact, homey and cozy.  There were hardly any people there either.  There were decorations on the wall, nothing too great, but quaint.

My favorite item in the restaurant was the stage the used for musicians.  Since there were hardly any patrons in the restaurant, I asked a guy working there if my kids could go up on the stage for a picture.  After we finished, we continued meandering to the zoo.  I loved the gardens, buildings and landscapes.  The walk after lunch felt much more pleasant, probably from having a full stomach.

The zoo was nice, but I didn’t take pictures there.  The air show was also nice, but I didn’t get any pictures of that either.  What I did photograph was our walk and our time at the restaurant.

I love Chicago.  I love my wife and kids also.  Even though the kids, at times, are pretty energy draining.

Parameters and Units (Heat Transfer)

Notes for this screencast.

From here:

Thermal energy, U = Cv (T – Tref), units J or J/kg.

Heat transfer Q (joules), heat rate q (watts), heat flux q” = q/A (watts/area).

If I want to finish all of these screencasts in one year I have to do about three per day. I don’t have time for this but maybe I will be able to do 1 or 2 until I finally lose interest or burn out. Hopefully the material gets a little more interesting and pertinent fast because at this high school level physics rate it isn’t all that fun.

Heat Tranfer Basics

These are my notes for the video for heat transfer basics.

Conduction, q = -k dT/dx  (in the x direction)

Convection, q = h A (Tsurf – Tsurr)

Radiation, q = ε σ A (Tsurf 4 – Tsurr 4)

q is heat per unit time.

q” heat per area.

q’ heat per length.

This is all from here.

Obviously this is all really simple stuff from my early days in physics but I am starting out here just to make sure I am on the same page with these engineers from the ground floor.

Happy Sunday.

John Brown Hist 119, LearnChemE Thermo

I thought I would get back into posting opencourseware stuff that I go through.  Now that I have my new job downtown I have been going through a lot of material.  Initially, I was going through material on the train going down and back but now I am driving.  On the train I could watch lectures.  In the car I am stuck with audio.  Even with this change, I have finished France Since 1871 plus a lot of other lectures for other subjects.  Right now I am going through the audio for the Civil War course Hist 119.  Today I learned about John Brown.

This weekend I intend to go through 4 screencasts for thermo.  My plan is to go through one course for fun (history, psychology, etc.) and one course for work (thermo).

I took thermo from a physics standpoint back in undergrad, now I am going to try looking at it more through a ChemE perspective.

Anyway, I will close for now.  My wife and I are watching Blue Jasmine.  Strange so far but good.  :-)

I love weekends.




45 years since landing on the moon.

I saw a story on Foxnews today about it being the 45th anniversary for getting two men on the moon.  This is one story that both my mom and dad told me about several times.  They watched these events unfold in real time on live television.  Years later, in the 1980s, I watched a VHS tape of the events with my dad.  He gave the play-by-play of how it unfolded for he and my mom back in 1969.  At that point in time, no one would have ever thought I would have pursued physics and engineering for a profession, but I did end up doing that.  Reading about the event, both from an engineering perspective and from a social setting is pretty fascinating.

Dad told me on more than one occasion how he thought that this was the beginning of regular trips to the moon, building a moon base, etc.  My parents got to live during the heyday of the US.  NASA was pretty amazing at that point in time and was firing on all cylinders.  By the time I got to college in the late 1990s many people in the engineering and physics community were not thinking near as highly as they had in times past about NASA.  Many folks had little good to say at all.  My father had a tremendous amount of pride in the United States.  He felt that every other place on the planet was lacking by comparison.  He would certainly be sad to see things now.  He would blame it on the left wing folks 100%.  I don’t have anywhere near the amount of pride my father had.  I don’t think the US is what the rest of the world should model themselves after.  But I digress.  It is interesting, however, to see how quickly perspectives can change from one generation to the next.

It must have been pretty amazing to watch, in wonder, the events that unfolded 45 years ago today.  I don’t really have too much else to say about this except the fact that it made me think of my parents when I saw the news story this morning and I thought I would post a bit to my WordPress account.

Below I am posting two pictures that show what my parents looked like around the time the US landed on the moon.  My mom was about four months pregnant with my sister when Apollo 11 took place.  Both pictures posted here show them in early 1970.  This was the closest I could get when I did a quick scan their slides this fine Sunday morning.

Note:  I got the NASA picture from here.



Aldrin stands beside LM strut and probe.  This is one of the many great pictures that were taken 45 years ago today.

Aldrin stands beside LM strut and probe. This is one of the many great pictures that were taken 45 years ago today.