Baby Colton’s first couple days in this world.

I wanted to post some pictures of Colton.  Our fourth and last child.  He is so perfect and small.  He has now been home for about two weeks.  Everybody loves him so much already.  Below are some pictures of those first couple of days.  This is when Colton was still in the hospital and then just a few hours after he got home for the first time.  I was watching Caity from home, Grandma was here but spending most of her time at the hospital helping Christen.  It is difficult to believe we have done this yet again.


Interesting and nice time in my life right now.

Baby Colton is a week and one day old now.  I am leaving my job of four years.  My last day is Wednesday.  I have a job with a much larger company in Chicago.  A good job that should further sharpen my engineering skills.  I am happy the baby is here, happy the baby is so mild mannered, thankful Christen’s mom is here to help, happy I have a new job, but still a bit nervous about all the change.

Luckily, I am leaving my old company on very good terms.  Both the CEO and his primary manager have told me that I am welcome back anytime.  This makes me pretty happy because I always wonder about new jobs.  Will I like it?  Will I hate it?  Will the people like me?  Will the people irritate me?  Will it take me to the next level in my engineering career?  Or will I realize that the grass is always greener on the other side?

So much is going on but the new baby is fitting in just fine.  He had a bit of jaundice so they monitored his levels the first few days.  With jaundice sunshine can really help.  Thankfully, the sun finally started to shine here in Chicagoland, after the winter from hell, so we were able to let him get some UV.  Not much though because it was still pretty cold.  His levels moved to where they should be and he is eating a lot and becoming more alert.  Baby Colton is the change that is important.  The job is just something I have to have.

Lastly, I will certainly miss my friends at the old company.  I sure did like some of those guys.

I should probably go to bed soon.  The older boys and I have a fishing derby we would like to win tomorrow morning.  We will be trying to catch trout.

Thank goodness winter is over.



Colton’s first day in this world.

This is a log of key events for Colton’s arrival.  He is our fourth child.  He will be born in Bolingbrook, IL.  We arrived at the hospital today (April 3, 2014).

  • Christen was measured at 4.5cm at around 3:15pm.  Her doctor told her to go to the hospital.  Her doc says that she will have the baby tonight or maybe even early in the morning.

  • About 3:40pm.  Christen’s mom, Cindy, calls my cell phone and tells me that she is landing in Chicago tonight.  She wasn’t suppose to get here until late Tuesday.

  • About 4:00pm, we make arrangements for Kirsten to watch the kids until Christen’s mom gets to the house this evening.  We are guessing that she will be in Plainfield from Florida at 11:30pm.  Kirsten is the kid’s sitter from our old house.

  • Got to the hospital at about 5:00pm.

  • At 5:51pm she is all hooked up to equipment.  The nurses are measuring her temperature etc.

  • At 5:55pm.  She is 5cm.  And the nurse says she is bulging and that this could go really fast if the water breaks.

  • About 6:00pm.  She was given meds that might make her sleepy but the nurse says it will take the edge off the pain.

  • Pitocin started at a low dose.  Around 6:05pm.

  • At 6:20pm.  Christen is napping and listening to her iPod.  I am just kicking back, drinking coffee and typing this up.

  • At 7:00pm.  Nurse measured and says she is 9cm.  She is going to call Christen’s doctor.  We weren’t expecting this.

  • At 7:10pm.  Nurse is turning lamp on to warm baby Colton up after he comes out.

  • At 7:19pm.  Christen feels the need to push.  The doctor isn’t there yet.

  • At 7:27pm.  The doctor arrives and tells Christen she can push but she was in between contractions.  The doctor breaks her water right after she got her blue gloves on.

  • At 7:28pm.  The doctor said Christen could push and she did.  Colton came out on the first push.

  • 9:00 to 9:45pm.  Held the baby.  Christen nursed him.  Texted Cindy to just go to the hospital rather than to our house.

  • About 10:40pm.  I left the hospital to let Kirsten go home.  We texted Christen’s mom to just go to the hospital.

  • About 11:45pm.  Caitlyn woke up crying for Mommy.  I showed her a video of baby Colton on my phone.  She smiled really big and went right back to sleep.

April 4, 2014

  • Next day at 7:45am.  I showed Cody and Chase the video of Colton.  Chase grinned really big.  Cody smiled too but was a bit sidetracked with Zelda.  Then I took them both to school at around 8:45am.

  • At 12:30pm.  Chase and Cait got to go to the hospital to meet baby Colton for the first time.

  • At about 4:00pm.  Cody got to meet Colton.  From Cody’s school to the hospital we stopped at Walgreen’s and got him some pacifiers.  He really liked them.  He looked just like Chase and a lot like Cody when he sucked on his binky.

  • By about 6:00pm.  Baby Colton had pooped 6 times.

  • 7:30pm.  Now I am home with oldest three.  Baby Colton should be able to come home in the morning.

And this concludes my summary of Colton’s first full day in this world.  


Caleb  :-)

Our fourth baby will be here soon and remembering how our little girl came into the world.

My wife is going to be having our fourth and last baby by April 11, 2014.  If the baby isn’t here by then the doctor will induce the labor.  While we talked about what is going to be happening in our near future we also remembered Caitlyn’s birth.  Part of planning is remembering what we had to do last time.  I remembered that I had typed in real-time what was going on for her and the baby.  Below, in italics, is what I typed up for our little princess’s birth.  It was cute for us to read this tonight and remember the experience.  We are both hoping that baby Colton will come into the world as easily as Caitlyn did.  Maybe it wasn’t any easier with Cait it is just that Christen and I are getting older and wiser.  Whatever it is, we hope and pray it is a calm, healthy and peaceful delivery.

9:00pm (2/12/12)
We arrive at the hospital and wheel Christen up to the room that Caitlyn will be born in.

3:25am (2/13/12)
Christen is numb but can still feel on her left side. Her stomach looks all lopsided from the baby being crooked. The nurse isn’t concerned about that. Right now the nurse is prepping for when the baby comes out. Setting up the heat lamp and table. Verifying gas flow (oxygen I assume). We kind of think that her water has broken, and she is about 8cm dilated. I have a large pot of coffee to drink.

3:33am (2/13/12)
Another nurse is bringing in more equipment for the baby. This feels like it is getting closer. It is very quiet in the room.

3:38am (2/13/12)
I can see the baby’s butt sticking out through Christen’s stomach. Her butt is sticking way out to Christen’s left.

3:39am (2/13/12)
Nurse pushed the baby back into the middle of the stomach.

3:44am (2/13/12)
Give Christen more chapstick.

3:47am (2/13/12)
Christen’s water just broke for sure. This is the first time a doctor didn’t have to break her water. She said it sounded like a water balloon popping inside her.

3:50am (2/13/12)
Christen has a contraction and feels the need to push.

3:52am (2/13/12)
Doctor arrives and stops in to say hi. She better hurry…

4:01am (2/13/12)
Baby arrives and it really is a girl.

4:02am (2/13/12)
Mommy holds her for the first time and the baby pees all over Mommy.

4:05am to 4:20am (2/13/12)
Baby is under the heat lamp and gets shots and her foot prints copied.

4:20am (2/13/12)
Baby is pretty clean and given to Mommy to hold. She is wrapped in a blankie.

4:22am (2/13/12)
Baby nurses for first time on Mommy.

4:27am (2/13/12)
Daddy held her for the first time.

About 7:00am (2/13/12)
Daddy leaves so that Grandma Cindy can come to the hospital to see Caitlyn. Daddy sleeps on the couch and tells Cody and Chase about Caitlyn being born.

10:00am (2/13/12)
Daddy wakes up, gets some coffee and shows Cody and Chase some videos of their new sister. Chase smiles and Cody gets big tears in his eyes watching his little sister.

Larbia Kelly dressed up.

I think this is the last picture I have of Larbia.  If not the last, then one of the last.  It feels like I am being repetitive but this is Clyde’s mom. And Clyde was Clark’s dad. See my previous posts for more details.

I am getting closer on having posted all the relevant pictures I have for Clyde and Caroline.


Larbia Kelly wearing nicer clothes. Wish I knew more about when, where and why this was taken.

Larbia Kelly wearing nicer clothes. Wish I knew more about when, where and why this was taken.

“PIONEERS OF THE WEST” – “KELLY’S” – 1852-1956

The following is a document that Eunie G gave to me.  It was written by Bernice Kelly.  Based on what I know about her, and the way she titled the document, I am guessing that this was written in 1956.  The document goes over some of the people that I have been posting about in my family tree.  Below, in italics, is her document that she typed up on her family history.

I always understood that “Patrick” or “Michael” Kelly (am not sure of the name) migrated from Ireland to U.S.A. to the state of Wisconsin.  There were 7 children, I think – John, Tom, Henry and James/our father, who was the baby of the family;  Delia, Annie and Maria.  “James Willis Kelly”, the youngest child, was born in 1852 (March 4th) in Wisconsin – in Portage or Baraboo.  When he was a youth, he left his home and went to live with an elder brother (John) in Iowa, near the North Central part.  He met, loved and married Larbia Ann Kelly; her name was meant to be “Larrabee” – named from a General of that name.  She and her family were no kin – no relation to James Willis Kelly, her father’s name was James William Kelly.  He was born in Kentucky near the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.  After Lincoln migrated to Illinois seeking a new home, the Kellys followed their trail to Illinois where they settled at Mattoon, Illinois.

Larbia Ann Kelly’s mother was from Virginia.  They migrated to Illinois where James William Kelly met and married her.  They had 8 children, namely, Cordelia, Noah, Larbia, Lucinda, Will, James, Josephine (Dode) and an infant, who died shortly after it’s mother.  I know not it’s name.

James William Kelly decided to emigrate by ox team to California.  He was about 19 year of age at that time.  The wagon train formed and met together at St. Joe, Missouri, westward ho!  Traveling through the Indian country, they had many hardships.  Some met death and disaster.  Some turned back and were killed by Indians following the emigrants.  This was in 1849.  Grandfather reached California with others.  He did not stay there; but some of his kin did.  Their descendants are still there near Pasadena; many were looking for gold.

James William Kelly remembered the broad rich fields of Iowa; longed to return there and did so and made his home near Plainfield, Iowa where he emigration.  He amassed considerable money.

James Willis Kelly and Larbia Ann Kelly gave up Iowa and went pioneering to the West and North by wagon train.  Clyde Meade Kelly was born in Iowa before they left seeking a new home out west, where 4 other children were born; Gertrude, Tom, Ray and Bernice, the narrator of this family history.  They lived in Kakota Territory for a time at Fargo on Red River of the North.  In 1889, Dakota Territory became 2 states – North Dakota and South Dakota.  In the early 1880′s, they decided to move again – westward ho!  Larimore, Stump Lake, Midway, Bartlett, Odessa and finally Crary, North Dakota were on their route.  The used their “right” to take a homestead at Stump Lake; that site was given up.  Odessa was picked next as a boom town, only it failed to boom.  Devils Lake developed next.  It became the end of the new R. R.

James Willis Kelly and family settled 7 miles from Crary, 2 miles from R. R.  At this time, he had become a stage coach driver; in fact, before then.  His trips were by four-horse teams from Red River & West.  He filed a pre-emption claim on 160 acres of land.  Living there for a time, they endured many hardships, Indian wars, etc.  In the 1890′s they moved to Plainfield, Iowa.  The spirit of the “Pioneers” struck again, westward ho! to Crary, North Dakota where they made their home until, in turn, each died, she in 1907, he in 1935.

At the end of this document someone hand-wrote the following:”James Willis become a stage coach driver from Larimore to Stump Lake – Dak.”

Also, I am still trying to make sense of all this old information.  All the information I have, with the exception of this document, lists Larbia’s father as James Wellington rather than James William.  My guess is that his name was really Wellington rather than William but I will post see if I can find out.


Caleb ( the great, great, great grandson of James Wellington Kelly)

Our future in Chicagoland.

I studied physics in college and grad school.  I started in thin films when I was in college in Denver.  Out of school I had a job doing work in helping companies perform thin film fabrication.  We developed technology that measured deposition rate in a couple different ways for those folks who want to precisely control their films.  My next job was in photovoltaics and infrared detection.  Both use thin films.  About a year ago I started thinking about engineering work outside of thin film semiconductors.  There is so much else out there and sometimes I feel like I am missing out on something.  Recently a company contacted me in Chicago with an opportunity that I would have never thought was interesting when I was younger.  But at this age, it is pretty appealing to me.  I won’t be using Jackson’s Electrodynamics, quantum or Ashcroft and Mermin.  But I am OK with that.  I still find it strange that I can abandon some of the more difficult physics that I have learned over the years and end up making more money and have a much more stable job.  I also feel that if I take this certain position in downtown Chicago it will open me up to 7 or 8 times more jobs than I have available to me currently.  My wife is pregnant, and nervous regarding change.  She is nervous because I don’t have it very bad where I am right now.  The company is also close to where our new house is.  The new job would be a minimum of one hour commute there and back everyday.

I will be thinking about all of this over the next week or so.  My on-site interview isn’t until next Tuesday and who knows what I will feel like then.  Will the place be completely depressing to visit?  Will I feel like I am throwing a perfectly good physics education away; my guess is no on this one?  Or will I be even more interested than I already am after I interview there?  My hope is that there is a lot of interesting equipment.  Lots of automation.  Plenty of mechanical and electrical engineering as well as interesting process engineering.

Who knows, I guess I should just take it one day at a time until then.

At any rate, that is all for tonight.



Caroline Kelly, 95 Funeral Services

Below is the copy I have of Caroline Kelly’s article along with the information I have for her from the family tree file my dad started back in the 1990s.  According to the information I have.  Caroline died in Garrison, North Dakota in 1978.  This is south of Minot.  I also looked through the Library of Congress archive that is up on the web but wasn’t able to find the original newspaper article.  I don’t, at this time, know that information.  If I ever find it I will post it here to my blog.  The following information in italics was typed up by someone before me.  Presumably one of Caroline’s grandkids.  I am her great grandkid.

Funeral services were held Saturday, March 10th, at 10:00 a.m. in the United Methodist Church of Mohall, for Mrs. Caroline N. Kelly, 95, who died Tuesday, March 6th.  Officiating clergyman was Pastor Steve Johnson.  Soloist was Mrs. Milton Engebretson and Mrs. Bert Williams, organist.  Interment was in the Crary Cemetery, Crary, North Dakota.

Casketbearers were grandsons of Mrs. Kelly, John Gilseth, Ronald Kelly, Clyde Callahan, Terry Callahan, Phillip Kelly and Barrie Kelly.

Caroline Nixon was born June 23, 1883 in Gray County, Ontario.  In September 1892, she moved to Bartlett.  She married Clyde Kelly Nov. 30, 1902 at Crary.  They homesteaded in Hoffman Township, Bottineau County.  Mr. Kelly died Jan. 11, 1919.  She continued to live on the homestead until moving into Mohall in 1930.

From 1934 to 1940 she was Renville County supervisor of the government sewing project for the Works Progress Administration.  Mrs. Kelly also operated a boarding house, was a dressmaker, and for many years was a midwife for the community.  She was a member of United Methodist Church of Mohall, and for many years was president of the ladies aid.  She was a charter member of the Ladies Home Union and a member of the Senior Citizens Friendly Neighbors Club of Mohall, also a member of the American Legion Auxilliary.

Survivors: daughters, Mrs. Vivian Callahan, Eldora, Iowa, and Mrs. Floyd (Edna) Foster, Santa Rosa, Calif.; sons, Clark, Mohall, and Laurence, Eldora.  23 grandchildren, 56 great-grandchildren, and a great-great grandchild survive.

And here are the pictures I uploaded.  The one picture is the great old picture of her when she was young.



James Wellington Kelly. One of my great, great, great grandpas.

Below is a photograph of the furthest back ancestor in this collection. His name is James Wellington Kelly.

The back of the picture says (Father of Cordelia Kelly And –> Larbia). [sic]

Eunie G was able to tell me some stuff about this guy:
“Larbia took care of James Wellington Kelly. He left her extra money in his will for helping out with the family. His wife passed away young and he never married again. He lived in Iowa.”

I checked my dad’s family tree file to see what it had to say about this guy. Here is what it has for him:
Born 2/14/1819 in Orange City, Indiana.
Married 12/25/1844 in Cole City, Illinois.
Died 3/4/1904 at his home near Plainfield, Iowa. He is buried in Spring Lake Cemetery.

It is very strange to think that a picture of my great, great, great grandfather still exists today. He was born almost 200 years ago. When Thomas Jefferson died this guy was 7 years old. He was 46 when Lincoln was assassinated. He saw a lot of interesting American history.



James Wellington Kelly.

James Wellington Kelly.

Mom’s highschool senior picture.

My aunts Karen and Denise visited a few weeks back and told me some interesting information regarding my mother, Patricia K.  I showed them the picture that is included in this post and below is the information that they were able to give to me.

Mom left home to go to high school.  This is her senior picture.  This picture was taken when she was at Oak Grove in Fargo, North Dakota.  This was the Lutheran private academy that she attended that year.  Before my mom attended Oak Grove she was in Minot, North Dakota at a school called Dakota Lutheran.

She started in Minot during her sophomore year and stayed through her junior year.  She graduated in 1959 in Fargo.

My aunts reminded me that my mom, Patricia, had rheumatic fever three times.  She had been sick a lot and the doctor felt it was best for her to escape the pressure of being the oldest sibling and to attend school away from the farm.  My mom bore a lot of the burden of running the house and taking care of all her younger siblings.  The doctor recommended this to my grandma and obviously Grandma Ann followed his orders.

Fargo was a five hour drive from her mom and dad in Mohall, North Dakota.

My mom's senior picture. Fargo, North Dakota 1959.

My mom’s senior picture. Fargo, North Dakota 1959.